Branding of products during the month of Ramadhan to attract the Indian Muslim consumer

Big Bazar Stall for Ramzan Mubarak at Oppluent Mall in NCR Delhi

The holy month of Ramadan, the most respectable month among the Muslim across the World known for purification and spirituality, going to start from 7th June 2016. Muslim devote more time for obligation of religious duties in this month with special attention towards Allah and try to become the more closed to their religion. Fasting starts from the dawn (Sahur) to sunset (Iftar) that changed the dietary time and its norms from the usual practices. Besides the five times prayer in normal days, a new addition of Salath Taraweh also being performed after the night prayer. This month comes with change in Muslim attitudes and their closeness towards the religion. After thirty days fasting, Muslim celebrates their largest festival of Eid. Eid is widely known festival of Muslim for large shopping and sweets distribution in Indian subcontinent.

This month is celebrated with much of enthusiasm and holds the enormous potentialities in term of making the attraction of Muslim consumer for their specific religious friendly products and services as well as the mainstream products. To trap the most loyal Muslim consumer, Halal manufacturing companies introduce their products in this month for better advertisement and marketing while the mainstream brands also try to expand their consumers in Muslim segment by offering the special discounts and packages in this month in most of OIC countries and other countries where Muslim have the notable presence.

Indian Muslim constitute around 14% share of total population, mostly are poor or belongs to middle class segment, don’t have the much attraction for mainstream brands. While the Halal brands are devoid in India and still most of certification is used for exporting of their products in Arab and other OIC countries. Ramadhan in terms of marketing and branding the products is not much welcomed in India similar to other countries.

Month of Ramadhan also come with lot of potentialities in terms of branding the products for Muslim consumer while India doesn’t have any exemption for such opportunity. Special products and offers by mainstream companies during the month of Ramadhan would be a bridge to reach out the Muslim consumer and can expand their market for untapped customers. Special offers can also be introduced during the month of Ramzan to reach the Muslim. Big Bazar, the largest hypermarket chain in India, has allot a special gallery for the products relating to Ramadhan in its selected stores.

Some potential sector could be as following for Ramadhan:

•    Mainly the food processing, bakery and dairy based companies can introduce the niche products for the month of Ramadhan and Eid. Like Britania earlier introduce the special morning bread for Ramadhan
•    Fashion industry can have some special offers for Eid and can customize some Muslim friendly fashion
•    Dates are also largely demanded in this month for breaking the fast.
•    There could also be more potential services like the Iftar party organizing events for event organizer and catering service providers.
•    Other service providing companies also can introduce the special packages for this month like earlier telecom companies, Idea cellular and BSNL introduce a recharge coupon of ‘786’ for the month of Ramadhan for their pre-paid consumers.
•    FMCG companies can offer some special discounts for this month of Ramadhan.
•    Media group can also start some specific programs for Ramadhan during Sahur and Iftra timing like the ETV Urdu, Zee Salam, Aalmi Sahara and other Urdu and Muslim friendly channels have been introduced. Some newspaper dedicate a small space for timetable of Ramadhan.
•    Regarding tourism, a comparative mature market exists in India for the Hajj and Umrah tour operators. Affluent Muslim prefer to spent the holy month in Saudi Arabia for Umrah and they have the special Ramadhan packages from private tour operators.

Branding during the month of Ramadhan is not any cultural supremacy or preaching for Islam but it should be treated as an opportunity to expand the market for attracting the largely untapped Indian Muslim population.

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